Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Christmas Rules Start

Here is my promised picture of Christmas Rules. I worked on it quite a bit yesterday - I finished the top freebie border and got a small start on the first block - "Be Kind."

Christmas Rules
32 ct. Lt. Mocha Belfast, WDW and CC threads.

I also got a small start on the fourth AotH block...

Small start on Block #4 - A Wish For You

I'm not sure how I'm going to personalize this one. I think I may put my nephew Harrison's name in there (he was born on 3/16). But that makes me wonder if I should now put my niece's name in the February block since she was born on 2/3 and then maybe stitch one of the samplers from the Honeysuckle Manor book for my great-grandma. Maybe I should have waited until the end to personalize!! :)

And I worked on some more filling in on Rubie Owl's Sampler...

Rubie Owl as of 11/16/10
40 ct. Vintage Sand Dune by Lakeside Linen, Belle Soie Silks.

Last, but not least... On December 4th, there will be a stitching get together in Manning, SC. It will be at The French Hens restaurant again. It was so much fun the last time we went in August. The food was wonderful, the lighting great (for stitching) and of course the company was awesome!! Come out and join us if you can - there's more info on Amy's blog.

FrenchHens 014_full
photo courtesy of The French Hens

Well, I think I'm going to try to finish getting that green filled in on Rubie today. I really want to get working on the top half of the design. Write soon!!


  1. Your WIPs look wonderful Nicole. I had the same problem with deciding how to personalize the blocks in AotH. So far I've only personalized the May block in remembrance of my Dad. I'm going to leave the rest of the personalization until the end.

  2. Hi Nicole. So funny - I too am working on Christmas Rules because I was inspired by Natalie. It is a really fun stitch - seems to go pretty fast. I'm on "Share Your Toys" - I need to post an update. All of your WIPs look great. I'm considering picking up the AotH as well - adorable! Christine

  3. Beautiful WIPs Nicole. Isn't it fun to stitch on so many different designs? Have a great French Hen stitch day. I'd certainly join you if I were closer. Soon enough though we'll be getting together. Have a great week!

  4. Great start on Christmas Rules and nice progress on your AotH and Rubie.

    The French Hen Stitch Day sounds like fun. Too bad it's so far from me! Enjoy...

  5. great stitching as always Nicole! were you sleeping while you were stitching too? LOL :) The more i see christmas rules stitched up, i might have to break down next year and get it and stitch it.

  6. Lovely wips Nicole - you do stitch fast! Wish I could come to the meet up. Sounds great.x

  7. Your WIPs are fantastic! I love the new L*K Christmas Rules and have all the charts collected now.

  8. Isn't Rules so fun?! I got the last four charts in the mail today, which will make it rather tight to get done for Christmas, but we'll see. :) Your Shores is so lovely- what a masterpiece! And the BBD piece as well. Your work is always so enjoyable to look at. :)

  9. You're just amazing me with your stitching progress lately, Nicole. It all looks wonderful!

  10. Your works in progress are going so wonderfully Nicole :) they are just gorgeous!
    And Amy's Stitch In is bound to be filled with fun, friends and good food!

  11. I just LOVE all your work as always, and I LOVE your blog!

    Louise in Florida xx

  12. I love your work it is absolutely wonderful! I have enjoyed reading your blog. Thank you.

  13. Your Christmas Rules piece is so sweet. Great progress on Ruby Owl too - that fill in is a bear! The French Hens sounds so fun - wish I was closer!

  14. I love your new Christmas Rules start! And your other wips are lovely as well, you are using some gorgeous fabrics there.

  15. I'm not a huge LK fan, but I LOVE the sayings in this one! Beautiful start.

    What a Happy-Making floss toss shot there--Nicole, I just LOVE your Floss Tosses!

    Rubie is coming right along--what a sweet spelling of that name.

  16. Love the WIP's! Wish I could be at the stitch-in this time, but maybe next time! Have fun. :)

  17. Love all the WIPs! I have to say I am not going to try everything to certain months. I want to wait until the end so I don't miss anyone.

    Have a fun stitching day!