Friday, June 25, 2004

I got my computer yesterday!! It's is so nice!! My computer had pretty much quit doing a lot of the things I needed it to do, like run basic programs. I burned my first CD ever yesterday! I was so proud of myself! :) I've decided to order DSL again because Dell gives you a $100 rebate when doing so. Now, I've just got to wait for them to activate it. I don't know why they just can't do it?? Oh well!

Well, I turned I finished Anna Karenina! It was very good!! And I'll definitely have to read it again one day when my kids are little older and I can read it a little better without distraction. I also turned in my paper last night... my stomach is in knots. I hope I did OK. The bad part is that I was the first one to turn it in. I really didn't want that. But I also wanted it over with!! Everyone was asking whose it was, I was trying to hide!!!!

AOL is charging my $2.50 an hour now because I have the AOL light usage plan. Oh well, it will be worth it when I get my rebate! :)

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