Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Well, I got a 90 on my paper, which is an A. He said I could revise to get a better grade. I may just do that! :) I know I'm a nerd, I can't help it! Well, I did stitch a little more on my quaker strawberry, but it's still not finished.

I found a great outlet for all this nervous energy I have (I think that's school related)... knitting! I knitted a little scarf, it's little because I realized I was doing it wrong. I casted on 12 stitches instead of 10. I didn't realize it would throw the whole thing off! I have a lot to learn yet about knitting. Here's Bradley modeling my scarf...

It was supposed to look like this...

Red Scarf from The Ugly Green Chair Blog

Oh well, I plan to redo today with big yarn. Too bad Jake's sleeping, or I'd run to hobby lobby right now!! :) Well, that's all for now. Write more soon! :)

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