Tuesday, July 06, 2004

I couldn't resist, I ordered two new quaker designs. The first is Little by Little's Quaker Blackbird, and the second Quaker is Legacy Designs Quaker Legacy I. I like the lighter one on the bottom. So pretty!! :) I decided to start a small monogram for my mother. They are from old French Alphabet books. Here's a link La Maison d'Anael. I'm using a light cream linen and an aqua hand-dyed silk thread. I think she will like it. I also got more done on my Houses of Hawk Run Hollow. Since the name is so long I'm just going to use initials from now on (hohrh). There is a stitch along for the design at the Legacy BB.

I finagled a day off tomorrow. I don't know why my mgr. scheduled me for almost 30 hours. Like I don't have enough going on?? Oh one last thing that I'm very upset about. As many of you may know, I'm a huge Braves fan. I took my radio to work last year when they were in the playoffs. I never heard anyone complain. I would listen to the Braves games every once in a while when I was counting cash. It didn't slow me down or affect my work in any way. Well, we have a newbie in the office who has been listening to it too. I think there is someone out to get her because just about everything she does she gets in trouble for. And of course the radio now has to go. I was so upset! I come to work on time every time I'm scheduled. I don't complain, I work my a** off when I'm there. That is my one luxury, my one joy at work. So I complained to my mgr. and she said the district mgr. saw it in there and said it had to go and the other mgrs. complained too. I told her my store mgr. never complained to me and she said he wouldn't. I just don't understand what the big deal is. I'm so depressed about this. I may just change my availability so I can be home at night from now on, especially since Bradley is starting Pre-K in August. Ok that's enough about that!! Write more soon!!

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