Friday, July 09, 2004

Stash Alert!

I just love Elegant Stitch. They are so fast to ship things out! You can tell them, it's no hurry and they still have it to you in 3 days! :)

Here's what I got...
Little by Little's Quaker Blackbird
Legacy Designs Quaker Legacy I
Shepherd's Bush Oh Say
And the newest Fine Lines Magazine

Well, I signed up for another class - Health. Fun, fun! Maybe I can lose some weight? LOL! I'm going to start working days during the week and then anytime on weekends. That way I can get Bradley on a schedule for when he starts school. I don't want to have to wake him up from my mom's after I get off work during the week. I want to be there for him when he gets home from school. You know have the
cookie jar ready, etc! :)

I'm still working on my hohrh and my knitting. I bought the movie Cold Mountain yesterday... boy did I bawl! It's a really good movie. I had read the book, which was really good also. I'd say the movie and book were equally good. Well, that's really all now!! Write more later! ;)

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