Sunday, September 05, 2004

I finished one side of my Raglan Body-Hugger!

We drove up to North Carolina to see my Aunt's cabin in the mountains. It was so pretty!! The views were unbelievable. She also has a lake view lot with lake access and it's absolutely spectacular. Unfortunately my camera finked out on my, so I have no pictures. I had a bunch of cute ones of the boys, oh well. What can I do? My dad took some, which I'm sure he send to me. Anyway, I finished side one of the raglan on the way home from the trip today. :) I started side two when I got home.

I took my step-mom to Roswell yesterday and we went to Cast-On Cottage. They had a lot more than I realized. I went there when I had first started knitting and I didn't really know any of the yarn names yet. Well, my nice step-mom treated me to some yarn and a Jo Sharp book.

I got a skein of Koigu KPPPM P203 (just can't resist it), a skien of Noro Silk garden #53 and two skiens of Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran in Alabaster. She asked if there was anything else I wanted... a knitting basket, a book. I was like yes, of course! But I chose to be nice and not take advantage of her generosity! :) I'll be kicking myself for a few days! LOL! :)

Well, I feel for all those who are in Florida like my brother and in-laws thankfully they're on the west coast. Although my in-laws had there neighbors pool screen go through there screen. I just hope Ivan stays far away, it would be just terrible if another hurricane were to hit so soon after the last two. Makes me very glad I'm living in Georgia right now. The Aunt we went to see has a house right where the hurricane landed, so hopefully her house is ok. It's supposed to move up this way, a little to the West of us, we'll probably get a lot of rain! Hopefully no flooding... I guess I need to buy that umbrella now! :)

Well, not much else... write more later!

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