Thursday, September 16, 2004

Tropical storms are not fun! We've had a ton of wind and a ton of rain! I'm ready for Ivan to head on out! I think he's on his way, I hope he's on his way! I was at my mom's earlier and went home in between bands... I should've just stayed with my mom, she's much more sympathetic than my dh. Who just falls asleep during it all! I did get a little knitting done... I'm about 1/2 through my 2nd sleeve.

I'm on my last ball of yarn and hoping I don't run out!! My mother-in-law just sent pics of her back yard... it looks like it's falling into her canal. That's not good! I'm sure they will be glad when Hurricane season is over (they live near the Gulf).

Here's someone else that can sleep through a storm! I wish I was that lucky! LOL! :)

Well, not much else! Hoping I can get more of my last sleeve done tonight! :)

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