Tuesday, September 21, 2004

I've been working pretty steadily on my Klaralund....

The colors aren't exact, but they're pretty close. I wasn't sure if I like the turquoise stripe in the middle at first, but now I think it's growing on me.

For some reason my kids seam (lol, thought I'd leave that typo) to be doing everything they can to get into to trouble today... Bradley colored on my new rug with crayons, jake took off a poopy diaper and had it everywhere. They are just trying me tonight! :) I've amazingly stayed pretty calm though. Bradley is now in bed, hopefully for the night and Jake is fighting it. I know he's tired, but he just won't give up!! Well, not much else. I'm pretty tired myself, I worked 8 hours without a break today... not fun! Oh well, just one more day and I'm off for 3 days! Yeah!! Write more later!

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