Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Autumn is almost here in Georgia!

We are having wonderfully cool evenings and mornings! I'm so excited for fall! I can't wait to start having cozy fires at night and wearing my socks and sweaters that I've knit! Here is a picture of the sky this morning, it was just gorgeous....

More Sky October 4thss
This is for Sandy.

I need to get a nice chair for outside, so I can sit out there and knit! Well, I've done it... I've jumped on the Trekking 100 bandwagon. I just love the socks I've seen in this yarn (ex. Kerstin's). Here's my progress so far....

Start of Trekking sock

I had these socks I bought at target that had a little k1, p1 border on top for about a 1/2 inch. Then they went down to k 3, p1. So I decided to do that for these socks. I cast on 64 sts. using size 1 needles. So far they're coming out ok! I'm trying to decide what kind of heel I want to do.. the one I always do (slip 1, k1), or something like a short row heel. I guess I'll decide when I get down there.

Well, I'd better get going... Jake wants me to play Mario Baseball with him. He's so addicted to that game... I'm ready to throw it out the window!! I know I'm a terrible mother for letting my 3 year old get addicted to video games! Call child services!

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