Thursday, December 01, 2005

My life in a nutshell...

Saw this on another blog and thought it would be interesting to do.

15 years ago today, I was...
1. Getting very close to my boyfriend Chris.
2. I had just turned 16.
3. I was in 10th grade, probably the best year in high school

10 years ago today, I was...
1. Married for 2 years to my husband Chris.
2. Living in Hawaii.
3. Getting ready to leave Hawaii to open my business in GA.

5 years ago today, I was...
1. Enjoying my almost 6 month old baby, Bradley.
2. Married to my husband Chris for 7 years.
3. Just became a temorary SAHM (stay at home mom).

3 years ago today, I was...
1. Enjoying my 2nd baby Jake, who was only 2 months.
2. Just moved into our 2nd house in White, GA.
3. Married for 9 years to my high school sweet heart, Chris.

1 year ago today, I was...
1. Going Crazy with two toddlers (2 and 4).
2. Married for 11 years.
3. Helping my husband recover from being shot earlier that year.

So far this year, I have...
1. Decided to have another baby and got pregnant!
2. Decided to go full time and then part time again at work.
3. Got a puppy - who is a crazy dog, but is getting better?

Yeasterday, I...
1. Worked early
2. Came home and tried to take a nap (didn't work).
3. Ignored the dishes.

Today, I...
1. Went shopping with some friends at Ikea and Lenox mall in Atlanta.
2. Bought baby clothes for the first time for the new baby.
3. Watched a Christmas parade with the boys.

Tomorrow, I...
1. Will finish the dishes and the laundry.
2. Will get started on clearing out the boys' rooms.
3. Will go to work later on and try to stay awake!

That's it! :) I have been working for the last few days, so not much knitting going on. I have been feeling pretty tired lately, so that's another reason I haven't been getting much done. I'm still working on my co-workers new sock. I'm past the heel now. This one is going much faster!! I'll write more later! :) Sorry no pics today... :(

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