Thursday, December 22, 2005

Wow! It's been awhile!!

I caught a bad cold, so along with having all the fun pregnancy symptoms I had to deal with cold symptoms as well! :) I finished my other sister-in-laws scarf about a week ago. Here's a couple pics...



Sorry the pics are so bad! I took them at night. I ended up getting them a couple of gift cards to go along with the scarves. I made my brothers cookies and gave them gift cards also. Hopefully they like them! :)

Well, we had sad news... my husbands uncle passed away the day before yesterday, so he went down to Florida for the funeral. We ended up having our Christmas last night because he's not coming back until Monday. It's so sad when that happens anytime, but especially around Christmas. Well, the boys are happy playing with all their toys!! They are so unbelievably spoiled by their grandparents. Oh well the grandparents and the kids love it. What can you do? :) Write more later!!

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