Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Started another Manos scarf...

I started "My So Called Scarf" today. I love how it's coming out! The Manos Del Uruguay is so much fun to work with. I love the varigated colors and the thick and thin of the yarn, it never gets boring...

My so called Scarf - Wildflower Manos
Manos Del Uruguay - #113 Wildflowers

I'm making it a little skinnier. I cast on 26 instead of 30, I'm hoping to use some of the extra for fringe. This may become another Christmas present.

Well I have noticed in the last couple of days that I have really popped. I guess when it's the third everything is all stretched out and you just show sooner. Yes, I had a little belly from the last two, I kept about 5 lbs with each kid, but this is just ridiculous! I look 6 months not 7 weeks!!

7 weeks or 6 months?
Head cut off because I had just got up recently - not pretty!

Oh isn't it a lovely picture... haha! Anyway, I'm pretty excited my dad mentioned that he may be buying my boys bunkbeds. That will be so nice! I'd love to get them set up in their room, so I can start fixing up the baby's room. I know it may seem like I have plenty of time, but with work and everything, it will probably fly by! Well, not much else! Write more later!


  1. I have this pretty Manos, also. It is nice to see how it works up. :)

    Don't worry about the belly, your muscles are stretched from carrying your other kids so you will look bigger this time around.

  2. It's definitely not too early to start planning out the kiddos rooms... I'm already almost 32 weeks and it seems like yesterday when I was only 7! Enjoy this special time, bloating, queasiness and all. :)