Friday, August 25, 2006

I'm Tired!

I should be sleeping, but this is the first time I've really had to myself today, so I'm blogging. My eyes are too tired to stitch right now. I tried stitching earlier, but it was on 36 ct. and it just wasn't working! I did get Watermelon finished up yesterday! Only took ten days! Remember last month when I stitched Quaker Garden in ten days??? :) Anyway, here's my scan (crooked of course)...

LHN/CC Watermelon
LHN Watermelon
Crescent Colours Threads
28 ct. Natural Linen (DMC)

I've decided I wanted to stitch Raspberry Patch next...

CCN Raspberry Patch

The fabric is 32 ct. R&R Sheep's Straw and the threads are Crescent Colours, Weeks, and DMC. Well, I don't think I can stay up too much longer. My eyes are drooping and I'll be amazed if there aren't 25 typos in this post. I'll fix em tomorrow if there are! :) Here's a picture of Matthew I took a couple days ago. I can't believe he's five weeks already!

Matthew - 5 weeks old!
Good Night Everyone!

edited to fix title typo - I wrote "I'm tried" instead of "I'm Tired!"


  1. Matthew is just too, too cute! Is his hair getting red? If so, awwww!!!! Great job with the watermelon - I think that series would make outstanding little ornaments.

  2. Matthew is adorable!! Has it already been 5 weeks, wow!
    Love the new watermelon finish.

  3. Matthew is looking adorable. Congratulations on finishing Watermelon

  4. Matthew is growing for sure! Thanks for posting updates; it's fun watching him grow.

    Congrats on your watermelon finish - so cute!

  5. Congrats on the finish! I am trying apples over one-Oh Lord, what I have gotten myself into! It's hard to frog errors over one!

    Matthew is adorable!

  6. The watermelon looks great! As does Matthew! They grow up so very quick!

  7. What a cute chart! Your son is adorable!

  8. Congrats on finishing your watermelon kit. Those are cute little kits. Great choice on your next start too:)