Friday, August 25, 2006

I'm Tired!

I should be sleeping, but this is the first time I've really had to myself today, so I'm blogging. My eyes are too tired to stitch right now. I tried stitching earlier, but it was on 36 ct. and it just wasn't working! I did get Watermelon finished up yesterday! Only took ten days! Remember last month when I stitched Quaker Garden in ten days??? :) Anyway, here's my scan (crooked of course)...

LHN/CC Watermelon
LHN Watermelon
Crescent Colours Threads
28 ct. Natural Linen (DMC)

I've decided I wanted to stitch Raspberry Patch next...

CCN Raspberry Patch

The fabric is 32 ct. R&R Sheep's Straw and the threads are Crescent Colours, Weeks, and DMC. Well, I don't think I can stay up too much longer. My eyes are drooping and I'll be amazed if there aren't 25 typos in this post. I'll fix em tomorrow if there are! :) Here's a picture of Matthew I took a couple days ago. I can't believe he's five weeks already!

Matthew - 5 weeks old!
Good Night Everyone!

edited to fix title typo - I wrote "I'm tried" instead of "I'm Tired!"


  1. Matthew is just too, too cute! Is his hair getting red? If so, awwww!!!! Great job with the watermelon - I think that series would make outstanding little ornaments.

  2. Matthew is adorable!! Has it already been 5 weeks, wow!
    Love the new watermelon finish.

  3. Matthew is looking adorable. Congratulations on finishing Watermelon

  4. Matthew is growing for sure! Thanks for posting updates; it's fun watching him grow.

    Congrats on your watermelon finish - so cute!

  5. Congrats on the finish! I am trying apples over one-Oh Lord, what I have gotten myself into! It's hard to frog errors over one!

    Matthew is adorable!

  6. The watermelon looks great! As does Matthew! They grow up so very quick!

  7. Congrats on finishing your watermelon kit. Those are cute little kits. Great choice on your next start too:)