Friday, August 18, 2006

Some more long awaited stash...

I ordered a few things from Stitching Bits & Bobs last month when we were still in Georgia and it finally arrived. I like SB&B, but they are so slow to ship things out!

CCN Raspberry Patch and Sampler Threads.
Country Cottage Needlworks "Raspberry Patch" and some threads.

The orange and black Sampler Threads are for the CHN Alphabet I started last month and the Pink Crescent Colour thread (Prickly Pear) is for Raspberry Patch. I love how Cecile's Raspberry Patch from Mon blog de brodeuse turned out. I would love to start this one after I finish Watermelon (whenever that will be)! :)

I have been too busy to get any stitching done the last few days. I was running around all day yesterday and I really need to be getting my FL DL today, but I may wait until Monday. Maybe I'll go by and see how long the lines are. I really don't feel like waiting a long time. I also have to get a new SS card. I don't know what happened to mine! I must have lost it somewhere. So frustrating! Well, not much else going on... just adjusting to life in Florida (and living with my mom, which isn't always easy). I'll write more later! Here's a latest pic of Matthew...

Braves Baby!
Matthew in his Braves outfit - 4 weeks.


  1. Wow, it looks like he is getting bigger already!

  2. Matthew looks like he's growing fast! I know how hard it can be to live with your mother. I just got back from visiting mine for about 10 days. Hang in there!

  3. Hey, he's awake! :D He looks like such a good boy. I agree with Stitching bits and bobs. I ordered one pattern from them almost 4 weeks ago now and it still has not even shipped. This is the second time I have run into this with them so I think I have reached my limit which is a shame b/c they have such a great site with so many awesome designs.

  4. I think you and I love the same things! I got the Raspberry patch too from my local needlework shop and was surprised to see how pretty the colors are in it. I love it but haven't seen it made up yet. I will have to go and see on the blog how it looks. Very pretty!! Debby

  5. Wow, he looks like he is growing fast and he's so alert! Nice stash.

  6. He so beautiful and precious. I hope you do not mind but I added your link to my new stitching blog.


  7. Lovely stash and Matthew is growing so quickly