Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Stash, smiles, and more!

I think Mary Kathryn from Happy Stitcher is so talented! She also owns Handcrafts Online and sells finishing kits for the Crescent Colours/Little House Needlework collaboration kits. I love the fabrics she has chosen, so I ordered the fabrics for Watermelon and Pear, and ordered Apples along with the finishing kit. It came so fast! I was so excited to receive it all in the mail today!

New stash from Handcrafts Online
Fabric and Apples Kit.

Apples fabric, ribbon, threads, & linen
Apples Fabric, Threads, Linen, and Ribbon.

Pear with backing fabric
Pear fabric with my finished Pear.

The smiles part of this post is Matthew smiled at me the other day! I couldn't believe it! At first I thought I imagined it, but then he did it again yesterday and today! I'll have to get a picture of it soon!

The more part is I started working for my brother this week. He started a construction company building retaining walls around Florida last year and needed help doing his bookkeeping. So I started helping him. I've only worked about 10 hours whenever Bradley's at school and the other two are taking naps. It's been fun! I'm a computer/accounting nerd, so I love this type of work. Much better than retail! It's a little hard to work from home, so I put the program on my laptop, that way I can escape every once in a while! :)

Well, baby is crying, so I'd better go! Write more later... maybe I'll get to stitch on Watermelon, and have a progress pic to share!


  1. Congratulations on your new job!

  2. Nice stash, congratulations on the job

  3. Congrats on your new job! You're right, the fabrics are beautiful with the stitched pieces - good move getting those!

  4. I've been following your blog. What a precious baby boy!! Imagine how flattered I was to be mentioned in your post! Thanks for your support, enjoy the fabric, and the new home with your beautiful family.