Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Calgon take me away!

Matthew teething!
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Matthew has been so fussy for the past few days. I think he's teething. I hate teething. I hate fussy. I like nice, sweet, babies who take good naps. He has only been taking like one nap a day. I'm ready to pull my hair out! I have to get through this somehow? Somehow!

I haven't really gotten any stitching done. I got a little done Saturday at my MIL's house and little today while waiting for ds to get out of school.

Winter Wind as of 12/12/06
Prairie Schooler Winter Wind progress as of today.

You'll have to excuse the half stitched row, that's all I could finish before Matthew started crying! :) Well, I'm going to have some chocolate and rock the baby some - while taking deep breaths! Write later!


  1. I love your PS piece. Matthew is adorable even though he's fussy. I don't miss those days.

  2. Poor little guy and poor mommy - I'm not sure I'm missing baby days enough, but this helps, 4 is enough for us I think!


  3. Poor Matthew, he does look kind of miserable. He'll feel better soon; hang in there!

  4. Teething is so rough ~ hang in there. Hey, chocolate is a good comfort!!!