Friday, December 15, 2006

More Sock!

I've turned the heel and now I'm on the home stretch - just straight knitting until I get to the toes. I think I may actually finish a sock! I didn't make it very long, it's just four inches.

My mom put up her tree the other day. It's very pretty, and very white! I was giving her a hard time about everything being so white in her house! I think it's pretty, but it's not my style - I like color.

Mom's all white christmas tree

Mom's Living Room

And here's a picture of the kid's christmas tree because Bradley really wanted colored lights!!

Kid's tree again

Well, matthew is fussing, so I'd better go! Write later! :)


  1. I like your sock :). Boy, I guess your Mom likes white, everything in those pictures is white. Your tree is very pretty (and colorful)!

  2. Your mom's tree (and room) is very pretty, but I'm with Bradley, I like colored lights too!

  3. What a wonderful elegant room and tree your mum has - I really love it.

  4. Two beautiful trees! I love the all white room. I think it's a "my kids are grown" thing :) Happy holidays!

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