Friday, December 01, 2006

Not going to make it...

I thought I might be able to get Autumn Leaves done by the end of November, but it didn't happen. I should be able to get it finished up within a couple days though. I had a good stitching night last night.

Grey's Anatomy Season one
I stayed up watching the first four episodes of Grey's Anatomy.

Autumn Leaves as of 11/30/06.
And I was able to get quite a bit of stitching done,
but I didn't reach my goal!

I decided to do the pumpkin for the middle - Jake (4 yo) liked that one the best, and I did too! :) I don't think I did very well on any other goals I had planned for November. It seems like this month just flew by!

Goals for November...
1.) Finish Pear Tree Inn - Yes
2.) Finish October Flip-it Stamp - No
3.) Start and Finish November Flip-It Stamp - No
4.) Finish Jillian's Stocking Ornament - No
5.) Start and try to finish PS Autumn Leaves - Yes
7.) Get LHN Pear and Watermelon finished into pillows - No
9.) Start and Finish LHN Peaches - No

Ooh not good at all! Oh well, I think I'm too flighty to be tied down to goals. I try, but I float from one thing to the next. I'm just not disciplined enough. I was never good at having a rotation - I'd start out ok, and then it would always fall apart. My method has always been the screaming rotation - whatever calls to me the loudest. Should I try to change, I mean really try to make an effort, or should I just accept that that's who I am? Hmm... Anyway, I've got to do some work! Write more later! :)


  1. Your Autumn Leaves is so pretty!

  2. You are making good progress on Autumn Leaves. I'm no good at stitching goals either, I stitch what I feel like stitching at the moment. I do have a few things I must get done at this time of year though.

  3. I think that with three small children, you stitch an amazing amount of things! Goals are good, but sometimes for busy Mommies, just not able to be met all the times. You are doing a wonderful job at both motherhood and your hobby! I know that I can't meet goals, having 4 children myself, I'm lucky to get anything done! LOL!