Monday, September 17, 2007

Another New Start...

I know I said I'd be good and try to get something finished before I started something else, but the "The Tea Room" by Country Cottage Needleworks was really calling to me. Especially after seeing Susan's finished. I wanted to do it on 32 Lambswool Jobelan, so I ordered some from Handcrafts Online. Well, of course my impatient and impulsive self couldn't wait, so I found a small piece I already had. The margin is just under 2 inches, but I think it will be fine. And I'm sure I can find plenty of things to stitch on the Jobelan I ordered. :)

And speaking of Susan - she recently finished Peach Tree Cottage, and I told her how much I liked it, so she sent me the chart! I thought that was so sweet of her!

I sent her "Garden Pleasures" in return. We are both enabling each other! Everytime she finishes something I want to stitch it! :)

Well, that's all for now! My brother is still in Idaho, so I'm going to take this opportunity to relax and stitch and then it's back to work tomorrow! :)


  1. Your making me really want to start all this projects :)
    It's stunning Nicole, really :)

  2. It's beautiful, already! Love your choices in stitching Nicole.

  3. I love your new start :)

  4. Your off to a lovely start! The enabling you and Susan are doing is the wonderful kind!

  5. I stitched Tea Room a while ago and absolutely loved it. You're making nice progress! :)