Thursday, September 27, 2007

A Few New Things...

I got an order from Wyndham today. I had ordered some 32 ct. Patina by Lakeside Linens for the new LHN "Curly Q" pattern and the CCN "Daisy Sampler." It's such a pretty color. I also got a couple patterns - CHS "Quaker House Samplers" and CCN "Home Sweet Home."

Well, it's baby central in my room right now, so I'd better go! Write later! :)


  1. Great stash. You got some things that I want and a couple I already have and want to stitch. Wyndham is a great place to order from.

  2. Lovely stash! There are some that I also want to get!

  3. They are beautiful, All your embroiderys are much beautiful! It compliments!

  4. Fabulous stash! I am sure simple little Quaker will be done in a blink-LOL It looks great!

  5. Hello Nicole,

    Just wanted to say Hi and let you know that I was one of those who could not access your blog during the template changes that you were making. I was sort of upset because I enjoy coming to your blog to see what lovely thing that you are currently stitching. Then I see what these designs really look like when stitched (instead of peering at the wee tiny picture on a website and trying to decide if I like it or not) and whether I want to stitch them or not.

    Usually you make them look so good I want to stitch them all. You're such an enabler. Perhaps LHN and all the other designers should pay you a commission. Lol!

    Anyways, good to have you back. Happy stitching. Cheers Judy