Thursday, November 08, 2007

Coming into the home stretch!

I'm almost finished with Curly Q! I just have to do the bees and the alphabet. Hopefully it won't take too long. The girls skirt seemed to take forever!! It used almost a whole skein of Crescent Colours!

We are finally getting cooler weather here in Florida and I'm loving it! We are about 7 degrees cooler than average and that is fine with me! Unfortunately it's supposed to warm up over the weekened. That's the problem with cool weather in Florida, it doesn't last! Oh well, I'll enjoy it while it's here! :)

Write later - hopefully with a finished Curly Q pic!!


  1. Enjoy the "cold" Nicole!

    Curly Q is adorable. You can't tell from the picture that the skirt is so time and thread consuming!

  2. Curly Q Ewe is beautiful!

    I share the feeling about warm weather in Autumn. I am in South Carolina (not a native), and I have a hard time with the weather. I am crossing my fingers for snow this winter because it is colder here than usual too.

    Happy stitching,

  3. Curly Q is very cute! I really like that sheep, even though I'm not usually a sheep person.

  4. LOVIN' it!! This is such a cute design!

    Enjoy the cool weather - from what my dad tells me, it was too hot till quite recently there in FL.

  5. WOO HOO! You're Curly Q is looking great, Nicole! I can't wait to see her when she's all finished. :-)

  6. It looks like you got a nice gift from Vonna and made some real progress on Curly Q!! Isn't it crazy how some patterns just have those large blocks of color that seem to take FOREVER to finish.

  7. I emailed Jess a copy of your darling Curly Q pic.
    We have to keep encouraging her!! LOL

  8. Wow, you will be done in no time! She is very pretty.

  9. The colors and the cute sheep and her sweet little hair - that is a neat pattern and you are doing a superb job, Nicole!

  10. The pinkeep is gorgeous. Love the colours.