Tuesday, November 13, 2007

It works!!

I shook it really hard and it started working! Don't ask! :)

First up! Susan from Afford Your Passions sent me a box last friday. I, like Vonna, was going to tear into, but then turned it over and saw this....

I was very intrigued and everyone in my class on Friday told me to just open it, but I didn't. I wanted to wait. Susan even said she would've opened it if it were her! :)

So today was the day! After I got the brown paper off there was a beautiful pink box. I love pink and boxes, so that was a treat on it's own!

Here's what was in the box...

A note explaining about November 13th being World Kindness day, which I didn't know, and her birthday. She wanted to give gifts on her birthday. How amazingly kind is that? I am humbled to have received such a wonderful present. Also included a very sweet Little House Needleworks ornament, card, and chocolate! Thank you again Susan! :) I will treasure it always!

And now that my camera is working I can share some other things! I started "Frappucino" by LHN after I finished Curly Q. I decided to try two strands of silk just to see what it would be like and I love it! The fabric I'm using is 32 ct. Vintage Examplar.

I also decided to milk my birthday a little further and placed an order with Elegant Stitch a few days after my birthday (got 20% off!!). I ordered the new "A Quaker Christmas" by ByGone Stitches. After seeing Merumo's stitched with Belle Soie silks in Cranberry, I knew it was a must have! :) I had originally ordered Vintage Basketweave, but Lois thought it was too dark and I trusted her, so she sent something lighter, Light Examplar by Lakeside Linens. When I got it I thought it was too light and ended up getting Mockingbird by R&R at my LNS (Silk Road Needlearts), which is very close to the Basketweave. I figured I can just use the Light Examplar for something else. Anyway, here's a pic...

I'm going to try to work on my class piece a little more. I think I know what I'm going to do now, so I don't have to glue. I'll write more tomorrow! :)


  1. Your Frappuccino looks wonderful!! I have this one in my stash. I plan on getting them all, including the three tea ones.

  2. I am so glad your camera works. Your gift from Susan is lovely! :) I am not sure if I could have waited to open the box. Your stitching is beautiful. I look forward to more pictures.

  3. Hey that's great and double quick posting! Frap looks lovely and what a lovely gift, so thoughtful. Can't wait to see your progress pics now :)

  4. You shook your camera really hard to make it work??? OMG, you are a brave soul!

    I love your new start, and I absolutely love the idea of (1) treating others for one's birthday, and (2) Friendship Day. Cool!!!

  5. i loooove the colors in frappuccino
    and congrats on finishing curly q ...im so far behind in my blog reading =[

  6. Woo Hoo! I'm glad to hear you got your camera working again. :) Your Frappuccino looks wonderful! I almost regret clicking the link and seeing the Quaker Christmas. OMG it's so gorgeous! I can't wait to see yours. :)

  7. Love Quaker Christmas. It is on my wish list. I like the color changes that you made. I have them written down so I can know what they are when I want to do this.

    Frap looks good too. I have it too. Going to do all the coffee ones on one piece.

  8. Lovely, LOVELY stitchy stash! I love your choices! I think the Vintage Exemplar is just gorgeous...but I think that my Sassy Fabby in Sugared Coffee is a pretty close second (that's what I bought it for to see how close it was to VE.
    Your wee ornie is just as gorgeous as mine. I was humbled too!
    Now you have 3 things stitched for you by different stitchers!!!

  9. I just commented on Vonna's blog about her lovely little gift. That was so thoughtful of the sender!

    Your Frappuccino is looking great!

    Hooray for Birthday stash!! :)

  10. Beautiful ornament, what a thoughtful gift!

    Glad your camera is working again too! Your start on Frappuccino is looking yummy!!!

  11. What a lovely gift! So thoughtful! Your Frappuchino is coming along nicely, I love the colors!

  12. I think either of those fabrics would look great - you're doing it in exactly the colours I would have chosen :)

    Love the gift - so pretty - and the Frappuccino start :)

  13. I love that Bygone Stitches chart - must have it!!! The gift from Susan is lovely - and so sweet. What a wonderful thing to do to celebrate your birthday! Love Frap - so pretty in those colors!