Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Cherry Hill and Winter Whites

I got a little bit more stitched last night. I've been listening to Nora Roberts "High Noon" and I'm almost finished with it. It motivated me to keep stitching last night.

Cherry Hill as of 2/19/08

I was also playing fashion show again today. I really like Shepherd's Bush's version of Winter Whites on a hand-dyed blue linen. So I decided to pull the threads on a couple pieces of blue linen that I had. I really like this one - it's 32 ct. Dwarf by Picture this Plus.

Winter Whites with fabric and threads

It's not as dark as the Shepherd's Bush version, but I still think it would be pretty. Who knows when I'd actually start it! I was looking through Cindy's Webshot album (hi Cindy!) and saw that she had finished Poinsettias and Pines. It gorgeous and seeing it really makes me want to get mine finished! Well, I really should be working (filing). I've been procrastinating. I'm just wondering how long I'll be allowed to get away with that!! Probably not much longer! Write later! :)

edited to add...

Now I think I like 32 ct. Misty Blue Belfast better. It's not as bright as the other, although its a little hard to tell in the picture.

Yes, I'm still procrastinating.


  1. Oh...I like Winter Whites on the blue too....hmmm....
    Your going gangbusters on Cherry Hill...thank heaven's you finished the grass...right?! LOL!

  2. I can't believe how much you've gotten stitched on CH since your last post!!! It looks cuter with each pic! Love the colors you pulled, and both fabrics too :)

  3. Oh Nicole I just really love Cherry Hill!! The colors are so pretty on the white fabric and your stitching is just perfect!! You tempt me to get mine out!! I love the pinks and reds on this one!! I love the Winter Whites and the blue fabric is so pretty for it. I need to check out some audio books. I haven't ever had one and you make them sound so good to stitch to!! Debby :)

  4. I have just discovered your blog and I am already in love with it! It is so inspiring,all your works are sooo lovely! I will visit it very often, from now on! :o)
    Sorry for my poor English...
    Best wishes from Italy,

  5. Wow, You're making great progress on your Cherry Hill. I do like Winter Whites on the blue fabric - there is something about snow pieces done on blue. It's always a nice combination.

    Thanks for posting about the VB bag you got - I couldn't resist and got one on e-bay. I'm going to post a picture so stop on by my blog and take a peek.

  6. I love your Cherry Hill, may just get the chart today at my LNS. I love pink too!

    I'm surprised I got my P & P done first! Spring is just around the corner here, and I wanted to finish it before I lost interest in anything wintery!

  7. Nicole,
    The colors in Cherry Hill just POP - love them! Matching scissor fob, you funny girlie :)


  8. Cherry Hill is looking beautiful

  9. Good progress on CH. Looks like you are almost done with another one.

    What are those little loopy things that you have your DMC floss on? I have seen them before in your pictures and I have never seen those kinds of things before. They look interesting.

  10. your Cherry Hill! Its sweet lovely colours bring cheers upon looking at it.

  11. Looks like you are almost finished with Cherry Hill! Looks good.