Saturday, February 02, 2008

I Love the Super Bowl...

...Sales that is. :) I went down to Golden Needle today and I'm ashamed to admit I went a little crazy. I was going to be so good. I had a budget. A set amount that I was going to spend and once I started putting things in my little basket I just couldn't stop! I need my head checked - the impulse part of my brain went a little haywire today! Anyway, I did find some great deals.

There were some $1 dollar charts...

A Stitcher's Hands "My Friend" and Just Nan "First Stitches 2000"

Some $2 and $4 charts...

The Needle's Prayse "The Teaching Sampler," Drawn Thread "The Night Before Christmas," and Earth Threads "Flower Gaiety."

And a Chessie and Me "English Cottage Sampler" all kitted up for only $10...

I'm guessing Cathy (shop owner) took this class, but never finished it - she asked me to finish it for her. :)

And the rest was 20% off...

Shepherd's Bush "Tending the Flowers" and "Keeping the Bees"

CCN "Garden Girl"

32 ct. Vintage Examplar and Vintage Light Examplar by Lakeside Linens

I also found some lighter linen to go with Christmas Tea. It's Vintage Tundra by Lakeside and I like it so much better than the Vintage River Willow. And if all this stash buying weren't bad enough there were a couple of orders waiting for me when I got home. As if I weren't feeling guilty enough!!

I got this from Elegant Stitch...

Blue Ribbon Designs "Valentine Wishes" with 32 ct. Bittersweet Lakeside Linen

And I got this from Handcrafts Online (paid for with my paypal money - at least this one is somewhat guilt free!)

New CCN and LHN charts

LHN "Schoolgirl Lessons" with Belle Soie Rose of Sharon

I should really be ashamed of myself, but I'm too happy wallowing in my stash to care at the moment! :) Maybe tomorrow. The stash diet will start then too! I mean it this time! Really!! :)

Oh, wait - I do have a wip pic to share. I finally finished a big motif on Hanky Pysanky...

And last, but not least I want to thank Nicki and Su for the You Make My Day Award. I feel so honored and humbled! That was so sweet of both them. I love their blogs and they make my day too! :) There are way too many people that make my day everyday - So I award all my readers with the You Make My Day Award! Thank you all for all your kind comments and your support! It really means so much to me!!

P.S. you also get an award if you made it to the end of this very long post!


  1. Hi Nicole,
    GREAT stash!! I esp like that english cottage one. Your HP is lovely - still can't imagine stitching on black so way to go, girlie!

    I'm nearly finished with LOVEBIRD - such a sweet design.

    Oh and I have SCHOOL LESSONS too - now when to do that one...


  2. Just wait until all of the new charts come out after the Tennessee market next week, you'll be salivating. lol.

  3. OOOH, you got some great stash, Nicole!! WOW!! Enjoy :)

    Your WIP is looking AWESOME!!

    Have a great Sunday!


  4. Yeah, you might want to heed Teejay and wait until after Nashville to go on a stash diet!

    You make me scared to go to my LNS' Super Bowl sale tomorrow, but I'm taking supervision with me. LOL

  5. Oh,that all looks great. You did a great job of shopping. Just consider how much you saved on all of that. Now you can shop for stuff from Nashville.

    I love it all. Some I already have and others are on my mental wish list.

  6. So, what are you going to tackle first out of all those new goodies? I love English Cottage Sampler. I took her class at the Shepherd's Bush 2004 Retreat. I changed the dog to a cat and just got it back from my LNS where it's been a model.

  7. I think you deserve everything that you got, because it all looks so perfect when you finish! :o) Plus I like looking at pictures!

  8. wow, great stash Nicole :) enjoy!

    and Lovebird is lovely! congrats on the finish

  9. My, you did go a bit mad didn't you! LOL :) Lovely stuff though. And Hanky P is lovely - really stunning. I might have to think about getting it - the colours are amazing :)

  10. Oooh you have some lovely stash here :)
    Congratulations on your awards, well deserved and I too enjoy your blog now I know of it.

  11. Wow you got lots of fun stash! Good shopping :-).

  12. You got some great stash! It's even better when it is on sale :)

  13. Wow! You cleaned up! I also bought a few of the charts you got in DSL's super bowl sale, 25% off! Can't wait to see some WIP's of these.

  14. Great stash! You got some wonderful bargains. Enjoy!

  15. Nice stash Nicole, HP is looking lovely

  16. Wow Nicole your blog is just so fun to read today!! I just love all of your new stash so much!! Hanky Pysanky is looking just beautiful too. I haven't started mine yet but think I might when the Super Bowl starts today as I am not at all into football but New England is my DH favorite team. I love the new Cherry Hill Cottage that CHN has out. I was thinking of it for a round robin but wonder if the house is big enough. Great new stash! I love it all!! Debby :)

  17. What wonderful stash shopping! I'm hoping to do that next weekend. You are going to wait to go on a stash diet until after market aren't you? Great purchases!

  18. Don't feel guilty - you got great deals! And if I know you, you'll stitch a lot of it. :) Great progress on your HP.

  19. Wow! You did good!
    It was great seeing you and sweet Matthew at the Super Bowl Sale! My feet hurt today! I'm not used to being on them all day! LOL!!! But it was worth it!
    AND!!!! Thank for bringing the fob! It is more beautiful in person than in the picture! I have $$ in the mail to you tomorrow! I love love love it! When I took it out of the envelope today DH said "WOW!!" Takes a lot to impress him!!!
    Have fun stitching all your goodies! I love Hanky! I may have to add that one... too!

  20. OMG! thats alot of stash! enjoy!!

  21. Wonderful stash! You did go crazy (but in a good way!!). Those Superbowl sales are fabulous, aren't they?