Friday, February 29, 2008

I Had a Slight Relapse...

I was feeling fine yesterday and then I got cold. Very Cold. I had the chills. The only thing that stopped me from shivering was to put on a turtleneck, sweater, sweatpants and get under a blanket and two quilts. I fell asleep all snug in my bed and then the kids came home from Walt Disney World (their Grandpa took them) and I felt sick again, but thankfully didn't get sick (I shouldn't have had that soup). I woke up this morning feeing much, much better. I did stitch a little bit on Sweet Treat's border yesterday (before the chills) and today...

Sweet Treats as of 2/29/08

I also stopped by my LNS today and picked up a pattern I had on my wishlist and the fabric for it.

La-D-Da "Quaker Alphabet" and 35 ct. Straw linen by Weeks Dye Works
La-D-Da "Quaker Alphabet" and 35 ct. Straw Linen by Weeks Dye Works

I love the pattern and the fabric, but when I got it home I realized the Belle Soie Creme de Menthes that I have look nothing like the one the model was stitched with. In fact they look nothing like each other!

The called for Noir and the two different Creme de Menthes that I have

So I looked through my stash and came up with a few other choices...

CC Desert Mesquite and Black Coffee
Crescent Colours Desert Mesquite and Black Coffee

WDW and CC Black Coffee
WDW Twilight and CC Black Coffee

GAST Brethren Blue and CC Black Coffee
GAST Brethren Blue and CC Black Coffee

What do you all think?? Hmmm.. decisions, decisions!


  1. Hi Nicole! I like the Desert Mesquite and black coffee. The pattern is just beautiful and I love the blues in it!! Your stitching is just beautiful in Sweet Treats! I have that too and haven't started it. Yours inspires me!! I am glad you are feeling better!!! The flu is a horrible thing to have! Take care of yourself!! Debby :)

  2. I like Twilight and Black Coffee the best. Tough decisions, though.

    Feel better!
    Tanya who is jealous of FL residents and their discounts to

  3. Wow Nicole, what a choice. I'm thinking you must have so many threads in your stash, correct?

    Looks as though you've decided on black coffee, so no guesses there, but for the blue I would go with Brethren Blue. I have it in my stash and the colour variants are similar to what the chart looks like. First I thought Desert Mesquite also, but the lighter colour through it looks too pale. Don't you hate when the chart appears a different colour to the threads they suggest?

    You know you're now going to get a whole lot of different opinions on what colour to use? You'll be more confused that when you started :)

    What a coincidence, I've ordered some 35ct Straw linen too, so I think I'll be pleased with it by looking at your pics.

    Sounds as though you're over the worst of your illness, I'm glad you're feeling much better.

  4. Glad you are feeling better! Love the new pattern and linen. I'm kinda partial to the Twilight and Black Coffee. But, they are all beautiful.

  5. I like the vividness of the Twilight with the Black Coffee, but I also like the varigation in Desert Mesquite. Probably I'd end up going with the Twilight myself though.

  6. As someone who has been ill off and on all of 2008, I hope you feel better soon.

    I think Brethren Blue seems closer in color value to the threads in the picture, but I might go with Desert Mesquite because I like my variegated threads to be REALLY variable. I am finding that more and more I am going to choose my own threads and fabrics rather than just blindly following the chart/picture.

  7. I like Twilight and Black Coffee the best.

    At our LNS we have noticed some real differences in dye lots on some of the Belle Soie. Creme de Menthe was one of them. One skein was real dark and another was real light. Not good to have so much difference in dye lots.

  8. Sweet Treats is looking good Nicole :)

    I do hope you are feeling better soon!
    The flu is running rampant in our county. We are all hoping to avoid it-but there is so many sick with it-many at church-hubby's place of employment/plus the guy he carpools with, children and wife have all had it-not to mention being out in public daily.

    (((((((((((((hugs to you)))))))))))

  9. I hate it when the dye lot of the thread I own looks nothing like the pattern - I had that problem recently with a Blackbird Designs chart.

    I think either the Twilight or the Brethren Blue will work best. It's a lovely design!

    Hope you're feeling better soon.

  10. Hi Nicole - I really like the Twilight and Black Coffee best too. I love the colors with that linen - I want to try every color of their linen in 35 ct. ~ Tricia

  11. I hope you feel better soon. That sounds yucky :(

    A lovely chart you've got - I like all the options - I'm sure whichever you pick it'll look great! :)

  12. Another vote for the Twilight and Black Coffee!

  13. Gosh Nicole, you have been amazingly busy in the last two weeks. A couple of beautiful finishes and some very pretty new starts and more stash too lol.

  14. Nicole, I just love this La D Da chart and think I may have to order it as well. My choice for the colours would be the Twilight. BTW, I love the colour thread you are stitching Christmas Quaker in.

  15. Glad to hear that you are feeling much better now. Whatever it is that is going around, I've had it five times in succession and can't seem to get rid of it. Coughing too much to get much stitching done, boo, hoo. Just lost the "chills" and now I've gone the opposite direction--very warm.

    I am totally amazed at how much you can get accomplished, and just how great it all looks. Keep up the good work. You are still inspiring me. Thanks for that.

  16. That's so crazy your Creme de Menthes are so different - and different even from the pattern. Both blues you picked are gorgeous. I just love Sweet Treats too!!