Thursday, May 22, 2008

I've been busy!

I thought I would have my little Lizzie Kate design finished by now, but I'm not done yet! Maybe today? Well, I did start another little LK design for Habitat for Humanity (see Martha's here), so that slowed me down too. Tuesday night I went to my first Photoshop class. It was fun. I did learn quite a bit. I'm glad I decided to take it. Last night I went stitching at Golden Needle. That was fun as always. I was so tired that I almost didn't go, but I made myself because I don't know when I'll be able to get down there again.

Of course I got a little bit of stash. I scoured the bargin basket and found some good deals! :)



I got an Amy Mitten kit for only $5 (notice the names of the threads - aren't they great?)! And I also got a tiny Just Nan chart (Crystal Heart) with beads and fabric for $1.50! So I made out pretty well. :)

I have decided to join the Happy Home Sampler SAL with Becky, Amy, Vonna, Lynda, Jan, and Myrna - am I missing anyone? It's such a pretty sampler! I'm just trying decide on the fabric...


I really like the one above, which is 32 ct. Vintage Lentil, but I don't think I have enough fabric, so I'm leaning towards the one below, which is 34 ct. Cafe au Lait.

Cafe au Lait

Well, I'm going up to SC this weekend to help my dh move from his apt. to the condo. So that means even less stitching. But it will be worth it the end because I will have a summer filled with stitching! :) Write later!


  1. Nicole...I an so happy you decided to join us on the SAL :) AmyM, and Jamie are joining us as well :)

    BEEutiful weather here in my past of SC today :) I hope you have a nice weekend helping with the move :)


  2. Um, that would be my part of SC :)

  3. Those colors are really pretty. I'd go with the 34 count linen so I could get away with one strand, love Legacy linens.

    Today's my birthday, so I've treated myself to a subscription to Cross Stitch and Needlework, I may join you SAL on the Happy Home Sampler! :)

  4. You did great on your bargin shopping!!

  5. You take the yummiest pictures of stash!

  6. LOL I love the names of those threads! I'd go with the Cafe Au Lait - I've used that and it's really great with one strand. :-)

  7. Have fun in SC! How exciting for you - it's almost June!

    You found some LHN charts in the bargain bin? Wow - I'm totally envious!

  8. Nice stash. I just love those thread drops. Can hardly wait until mine arrive from Elegant Stitch. They were in the process of ordering more, so my wait probably will be longer than a usual order would take.

    LHN- Moon and Stars was the second LHN design I ever stitched. I love it.

  9. lovely stash! have a good holiday weekend!!

  10. Lovely stash haul! Both choices of fabric look good with the floss.

  11. Hi Nicole,
    Glad to hear you're joining us in the "Happy Home SAL". I started late last night, but only got a few stitched in... oh well! More fun to have later. :-) Looking forward to meeting you once you move to SC! :-)
    Happy stitching!