Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Photo Story

I didn't have a photo story picture yet, so I told Jake to throw on some shorts and go out to the dock with Mindy (the nice dog) and I would take his picture. This was the first picture I snapped and I loved it...


My instructor liked it, so I was happy. It was our last class tonight. My SIL is thinking of taking a photoshop class and I was thinking of maybe taking it with her. I would miss the last class if I moved when I was planning on moving. I could delay the move by a week or just miss the class, or just not take it. I'm still trying to decide. My mom said she would pay for it if I wanted to go, so that was good! Anyway, I'm blabbing now. I should have pictures to post of stitching tomorrow. I have been stitching... slowly, but surely. :) Write later!


  1. My goodness, TAKE the Photoshop class! The problem with adult education is that we always think that we can learn this stuff on our own. We could, if we had the perseverance of a saint. But as frail humans we get too distracted, too unfocused. Even if you miss a class (or two), you will learn things. Maybe you will even learn enough to buy a book on Photoshop and learn some more on your own. I know I will never learn Dreamweaver without a class pulling me onward.

  2. Fantastic shot, Nicole! And yep, I agree with Kathryn, definitely take the Photoshop class!

  3. That is a stunning photo and one I am sure you will really treasure in years to come.

    I agree take the class. Nothing we learn in life is wasted so even if you miss the end you will know something you never knew before.

  4. Really nice picture Nicole!
    Also, I need your email address. I would like to invite you to my baby shower. It is on Sat 5/24, at 11am. I would have sent you a formal invite, but Mom is sick, and I did not have your address.
    Email me with your email.
    I would love it if you could come!

  5. Awesome picture! I think you should take the class too and I thinks you should be the official camp photographer! Talk to Eleanor at camp about photoshop...
    See you in less than 44 hours! Travel safe!

  6. A great photo Nicole. I agree - take the Photoshop class too

  7. What a great photo! Take the Photoshop class; you'll enjoy it, and there's a lot to learn. However, with pictures like this one, you won't need it. Keep shooting!