Sunday, July 06, 2008

Two Finishes!

I had a very productive day yesterday! I went stitching at Keep Em in Stitches in Summerville. I met Teresa there, a girl I met at Amy's. We had a lot of fun! I definitely would like to go back again. While I was there I finished "Pie" the fifth block in the Sweet Treats series.

CCN "Pie" Sweet Treats #5

I also worked on "Quilting" and got it finished up last night after I got home...

Little House Needleworks "Quilting"
Fabric: 32 ct. Vintage Lentil
Threads: Crescent Colours
Started: 6/26/08 - Finished: 7/5/08

And of course I couldn't go to a cross stitch shop without picking up a couple of things. I got the first two patterns in the new Lizzie Kate Christmas Spirit Double Flips. I also got some fabric for it - 28 ct. Heritage Cashel. A new over-dyed linen. I really liked it in the store, but when I got home I wasn't too sure. So now I'm trying to decide which fabric to use. I put all my choices in a set. Please help me decide!!


  1. I like the coffee dyed fabric best, followed by the maple sugar.

  2. Hi Nicole:

    I love the maple sugar best I think. They are all beautiful but that one is my favorite. Your Quilting turned out so pretty!

  3. I'd pick the Maple Sugar, too... closely followed by the Lambswool Jobelan.

    I'm impresed you got that much done! I tend to stitch even LESS when I go to stitching things. Too much talking and eating I guess LOL

    I didn't realize you were close to Keep 'Em in Stitches! Please tell Rita "hello" for me next time you pop in :)

  4. I really like the maple sugar, followed by the lambswool. I am on an automatic program for these. I am anxiously awaiting the first designs, fabric, and threads. I think this will be such a fun stitch.
    I love your finishes. Quilting is in my WIP pile too.
    Love your blog. I don't comment often, but I am always inspired by your projects. :)

  5. I like the maple sugar too, then the Lambswool Jobelan.

    You had a productive holdiay!

  6. My first choice would be Maple Sugar and then Lambswool. The Heritage one looks a bit 'gray' if you know what I mean.

    You got some beautiful stitching done yesterday. Very pretty.

  7. Congrats on the two finishes :-)
    I went to see your choice and I like the maple sugar the best. Where did you get that fabric? Is it a hand-dyed or one that you made?

  8. I'm with the majority...I like the Maple Sugar and then the Lambswool.
    Your stitching is beautiful, I'm always fascinated how quickly you get your projects finished!


  9. Hey Nicole. Great finishes! I like the coffee dyed fabric the best. Can't wait to see your L*K progress!

  10. They are both beautiful finishes, Nicole. Congratulations!

  11. Your Quilting looks great. I love how these overdyes make everyone's piece look a bit different. Your's is lovely. And that fifth sweet treat looks good enough to eat. As always, you amaze me. Like your Lizzie Kate, too. I think I'd have gone with the Heritage cashel, makes the colors pop.

  12. One more to go after Pie and the whole piece will be done :D Would love to see a picture of the whole design.

    Quilting is pretty too. Guess you'll be getting the whole series as well? ^.^

  13. Both finishes are great, I love them! I have Guilting too in my to do list.

  14. I love Quilting so much! It's very pretty. Your Sweet Treats 'Pie' is lovely also. Great finishes Nicole!!!

  15. Lovely finishes as always your stitching is perfect.

  16. Your Sweet Treats PIE is lovely. I like them all.

  17. Two beautiful finishes! I ironed my fabric for Sweet Treats this weekend, so I am all ready to start!