Thursday, July 10, 2008

Another Start...

I think I may have a case of startitis! :) I started Joyful Summer yesterday to work on in between my LH Neighborhood. I'm going to wait to work on the Lizzie Kate Christmas Double Flips until the next set comes out so I can work from the bottom up, which is how I'm most comfortable stitching. Here's my little "Joyful Summer" Progress pic...

Joyful Summer - 28 ct. Summer Sky Jobelan using Crescent Colours and DMC

And here is my latest LHN pic...

LHN LH Neighborhood as of 7/10/08

I'm having so much fun stitching this one. I love the design, the fabric and the basic DMC threads.

Pink Carnation

Here's a carnation from the latest bunch I bought. I know carnations aren't roses, but they are still pretty. Especially the pink ones. There's something so simple and sweet about them. :)

Write later!


  1. I love your new start on Joyful Summer!!That is going to be so pretty. I loved doing mine. Your Little House Neighborhood has soooo much done already! I started the border yesterday, only to realize that I somehow was off centering the pattern and I had to begin again on a new piece from the other half of my Exemplar fabric. It was faster than frogging out what I had done. I am on track though now. You have made some beautiful progress!

  2. Great stitching. I just love that little bird on Joyful summer. He looks so cute :o)

  3. hi nicole i definately think u have startitis but it is nice starts :)

  4. Cute start on Joyful Summer and love that scissor fob--matches really nicely. And its lovely.

  5. I just love Joyful Summer. The colors are so pretty.
    Pink carnations are great and they smell so wonderful.

  6. I just got BOTH of those patterns for my birthday!!!! I want to start them both right away too!!! Great job on both of them & I love carnations! Very pretty!!!!

  7. joyful summer is sooo pretty! already added to the wishlist
    and WOW!! you have so much done already on your LHN sooo stitch soo fast!

  8. If I buy my Mum flowers its always pink carnations they are her favourites. Roses are best on the plant they do not last in the house and I never ever buy them as a cut flower.

    Love both your wips

  9. I just love Joyful Summer! There is nothing bad about starting something so pretty. :-)

  10. Carnations are one of my favourite flowers. I love how they just last and last!

    Joyful Summer looks great. It's definitely on my wishlist!

  11. Wonderful progress on LH Neighbourhood, Nicole. You're so going to enjoy this one I can tell:) Joyful Summer looks cute too. I love your jewelled fobs and the scissors you use. Where did you get them?

  12. Love your new WIP. Is that a new scissor fob to match =o) its a very pretty color.