Thursday, August 28, 2008

My Class Kit Arrived!!!

I was so excited to open the mailbox yesterday and see a package from Jane Timmers. It was the chart, fabric and threads for the Madeira Tin Project to do the pre-stitching for the class. The fabric (Vintage Light Examplar by Lakeside Linens) and the silk threads (Gloriana) are just gorgeous!!


Fabric and Threads for class project

I can't wait to get started on it! I'm going to try to finish up my Neighborhood first though! :)


  1. Oh my, the colors are gorgeous. Have fun stitching this piece.

  2. how pretty!!!! Can't wait to see your are such a fast stitcher, you will be done in no time!!

  3. I bet you are so excited about this upcoming class! This is a really pretty pattern and I love the threads and fabric for it!

  4. LOVE the combination of fibers! Enjoy your prework! Can't wait to see the finished project!

  5. Nicole,
    I bookmark your blog in Google Reader so I will always know when you have a new entry - I check it every day - I love to see everything you are doing! You do beautiful work! I was excited to see your post today - I have my Madeira Tin in anticipation of a class with Jane in the fall of 2009 here in Texas! So I can't wait to see your progress & finish on this project!!! I will be anxious to hear what your comments are. . .
    Barbie (brdstitcher at gmail dot com)

  6. I envy you US girls with such lovely classes to attend!
    The fabric and floss are gorgeous colours and I can't wait to see your WIP.

  7. How pretty! The threads and the fabric look gorgeous!
    Have fun stitching it! I can't wait to see your start! Happy stitching! :)

  8. Love it! My guild is offering this class next Fall. I am looking forward to it!