Friday, August 01, 2008

Quilting Again

I decided to stitch LHN "Quilting" again because I have nothing else to stitch right now (kidding). I wasn't happy with the fabric I chose the first time. It was too dark and I wanted it to match the others in the series. So I'm stitching it again on Antique White Belfast. I like it so much better!

Quilting #2

I also worked on my BFF sock a little bit yesterday. I'm down to the heel flap now. These socks are so much fun!

BFF Sock as of 7/31/08

I didn't get a chance to register the boys yesterday, so I will do it today and get all their school supplies. Fun, fun! Write later!


  1. Congrats on finishing Sweet Treats, it's so cute! And love your LHN wip's, seeing yours always makes me want to start one! Great sock progress...gotta love those socks!

  2. Beautiful! Keep it up, you'll be be done in no time.
    I agree it's pretty on antique white.

  3. Quilting really pops on that fabric. Very lovely!

  4. Quilting is going to be really pretty on that fabric. I am inclined not to use the whiter fabrics because I love country, but some things like this one really show up better on the whiter fabric. I think I may do that too on mine when I stitch it. I love your knitted sock. I would love to learn all about knitting sometime. The yarns today are so pretty and I haven't ever knitted that much. Beautiful job on both!

  5. Love the new linen, the colors are so pretty on it.

    Have fun getting the boys squared away for school.

  6. Amazing how fabric colour can change the whole look of a design. I loved the other fabric you did it on, but Debs has also done hers on white Belfast and it looks great too. Makes it stand out more. Depends what look you're after. You could do it on six different fabrics and all would look good I'm sure.

    I'm so happy you gave me this design, Nicole. Looking forward to stitching it myself one day!

    Enjoy it second time around :)

  7. I like the white fabric too - the colours are very pretty against it.
    Love those pink socks