Thursday, January 22, 2009

Stitching, Dyeing and Kitting

I have been stitching some. I finished up Sea to Shining Sea "Mountains." I plan to get "Midwest" started soon.

Sea to Shining Sea as of 1/19/09

I also got out Bent Creek's "Seasons of Change Row." I would like to get this one finished up. It's too small to be a UFO! :)

Bent Creek "Seasons of Change Row" as of 1/20/08

And here is the fabric I dyed - click on the picture to get the whole story. :)

Rit-Dyed Linen

And here are some things I kitted. I would love to start one of these one day...

Boaf My Betrothed Sampler
Birds of a Feather "My Betrothed Sampler"

Boaf Sally Spencer Sampler
Birds of a Feather "Sally Spencer Sampler"

Boaf Happy Hearts Sampler
Birds of a Feather "Happy Hearts Sampler"

Boaf Bitter Flower Sampler
Birds of a Feather "Bitter Flower Sampler"

I'm not sure if these are the exact fabrics I will use. I was just seeing how the threads looked with some of them. Well, I'm going to try to get some more stitching done tonight! Write soon! :)


  1. You sure have been busy and have so much to show for your efforts! Sea to Shining Sea is just so pretty! I have lots to do on that but I have been ordering the monthly blocks from Amy. Your fabric turned out so pretty! I think dying with Rit is much better than coffee staining as I am sure it will be more colorfast and it is lovely! Your BOAF samplers are beautiful too! So many neat things to stitch it will be fun to see what your next stitch will be! Debby

  2. I really, and I mean *really* LOVE those dyed can you e-mail me and tell me how you do yours? What the concentration of the dye is...cold vs. hot...I mean Nicole....I LOVE them!

    I think you've chosen perfectly with what you've "kitted" together...go for it.

    and your LHN is beautiful! I have mine kitted and ready to go too...

  3. ok, I "HAVE" to get Sea to shinin sea now! I was going to order last night and never did but I'm going to now....I love this and you did a wonderful job!

  4. We all know you as a fast stitcher, Nicold, but I think you're picking up speed and getting faster! How can that be? What's your secret? Coffee? Chocolate? ;-)

    Lovely photos of stitching as usual, the dyed fabrics look scrumptious, and I look forward to seeing your BOAF stitching!

  5. Love Sea to Shining Sea. I haven't even finished the first block yet. OY! Love the BC one as well. and i think you kitted up the fabrics great with the floss for your next choices.

  6. You're going to be one busy lady! LOL :-)

  7. Your stitching is beautiful and I'm TOTALLY and I do mean TOTALLY in love with your dyed fabrics! You did a great job on them. Mine never turn out that good. Perfect!

    You've got some wonderful goodies kitted up. I love all your fabric choices and can't wait to see your progress on them. Aren't samplers just the greatest? :)

    Carolyn :)

  8. Your LHN and Bent Creek stitches are just beautiful!!!!!! Not to mention the dyed fabrics and all the exciting projects that you have lined up!!!!!! Just lovely~

  9. Great colours on your dyed fabrics!
    I love "the Seasons of Change Row" and "Sea to Shining Sea".

  10. Wow! Your dyed fabbies look great!
    Unfortunnatelly I don't know this paint, can you show a photo about it, please?
    I'm afraid of it is not available in my country...
    Great dyeings!!
    And wonderful patterns you chose!

    Greetings from Hungary,

  11. Both of your WIPs are gorgeous Nicole! You've got some lovely projects kitted up too.

  12. I just so enjoy reading your blog. The dyed fabrics are wonderful, I have some white linen I may try to dye.

    Love all the pieces you kitted, the Betrothed Sampler is one of my favorites. I am using the border on one of my round robins.

    Thanks for sharing!

  13. Both of your WIPs are lovely. Great job on your fabric too.

    Beautiful pieces you have kitted. I'd like to get to Bitter Flower Sampler this year....maybe!

  14. Beautiful job dyeing your fabric. It looks amazing. I have never had the courage to do anything other than coffee and tea staining.

    Great WIPS and new projects to work on. Have fun:)

  15. I, too, love your dyeing results. If you're willing, could you also e-mail me with the info about how you did them? I especially love the yellow/tan combo on the 40 count, and I like the mottling effect you achieved, too. Any details you could share would be most welcome!!

  16. I love your sea to shining sea. I started mine on Tues. Can't wait to start on just one house. I'm trying to be good and doing the borders first.Your fabrics turned out beautiful. I have a small start on a sampler wall and have dreams of expanding it too. Nice stitching!

  17. I just agree with then others - you were doing a wonderful dying job. I wish I could do that, too.
    Both your WIPs look fantastic. And what you have kitted is just as great, some great BOAF charts. I love kitting up future projects, it's just anticipating the fun of starting something new.

  18. Love your taste in charts! Your wips are so beautiful and love your kitted pieces!