Sunday, August 30, 2009

Quilting, Stitching, and Stashing

I started the quilting on my little table topper. I have decided to do outline quilting, which basically follows the shape of the seams. I think it's coming out ok. I'm trying to take my time and not be so spastic!



I went to Amy's yesterday and it was a lot of fun as always! We stitched, shopped and ate (Pizza Hut, yum)! I stitched a little bit on my CHS Alphabet.

CHS Alphabet A-F
36 ct. Examplar, GAST (1 over 2).

When I got home I decided to get out my CHS Sampler Stocking and work on it some. I would love to get it finished also.

Carriage House Samplings "Sampler Stocking"
40 ct. Meadow Rue, NPI Silk (1 over 2).

I also got a little bit of stash while at Amy's.

Prairie Schooler "When Witches go Riding," Blue Ribbon Designs "A Sampling in the Square," and Primitive Traditions "A Cheerful Mind."

I was thinking of stitching "When Witches go Riding" using these Belle Soie...


Here's my conversion if anyone is interested. I used Shepherd's Bush's model as a guide, but I have no idea what they actually used.

DMC - Belle Soie
420 - Butterscotch
422 - Butterscotch
898 - Kiwi
937 - Collard Greens
3371 - Noir
3826 - Lasagne
3857 - Sister Scarlet

Elegant Eggplant for 898 words.

Well, that's all for now! I've got to get back to laundry, dishes and cleaning to get ready for the coming week. Write soon!


  1. Love the quilt, Nicole! I was actually talking to a quilting friend of mine yesterday who teaches at a LQS here. I'm thinking of taking a beginner class.

    Thanks for the link to the SB model. Jill did an job on the frame & matting on that piece!

  2. Beautiful stitching Nicole! Great projects going and your quilt is lovely. Are you machine stitching the outlines? No matter, it's gorgeous either way! I do love the Shepherd's Bush conversion on the Halloween piece--wasn't that an awesome finish they had on that?! Looking forward to seeing your progress.

  3. Wow! So you're machine quilting using that machine from Walmart? I'm impressed! I love how it looks! I also love your WIPs. Gorgeous! And your stash -- I love stash! lol!

  4. Hi Nicole, Beautiful works in progress - each one of them! Glad you had a nice day yesterday. Meredith

  5. What a great conversion for the PS design I love that purple color...

  6. Your quilt looks GREAT!
    the colours look fantastic together :)

  7. Hi Nicole !

    It's the first time that I'm reading your blog, I'm French and let me tell you that I like and love it very much !
    All you do is gorgeous, what a beautiful works, stitches and patchworks !
    I really like the Prairie Schooler chart about Halloween.
    So, now, I'll come every day to read you and see your work !
    Bonjour de France and friendly yours !

    PS : sorry for my bad English, I hope you'll understand me...;-)

  8. Hi Nicole,

    Your quilting is very pretty here. I am trying to get brave and learn to quilt, something basic to begin, but it intimidates me so much.
    Your seams are perfect!
    Like your stash too, especially the Halloween one!


  9. I do "echo quilting" on pillows and other small projects since it's super easy and no fancy equipment needed. Yours looks great! Good job!

    I'm not a quilter either, but I sure love them!

  10. Oh, you're table topper is coming along very nicely!! You're doing a great job on it!
    Great stash too, love the color changes you made to Witches Go Riding!
    You're always such an inspiration!

  11. Your quilt is coming along wonderfully. I love your progress on your sampler stocking - such great colors. And good progress on the CHS Alphabets!! And all the stash is wonderful too. I like the conversion you're doing for the PS piece!

  12. Your quilt is looking awesome! I think that I could handle that type of machine quilting. I love the look of the kind where you do squiggly lines, but that SCARES me! I may take a class at my local quilt store soon :)

  13. Nicole, thanks for sharing your PS conversion. You are doing an amazing quilting job!

  14. Your quilt is looking really good! And you're well on stitching & stashing too!

  15. Everything is so pretty Nicole! Love the quilt and great stash.

  16. Nicole, you have such an eye for color - your conversions are always great.

    The quilt is just wonderful!

  17. Your quilting is sooo beautiful. I love the fabrics especially with the little coffee theme going on, too cute. Your CHS ABC is just so gorgeous and your stocking is so nice too. You have reminded me I have to work on my stockings too. I have the primitive one started. Your conversion is so nice, thank you, I might just use it. Love those threads. xoxo

  18. I just love the colors of the quilt, just gorgeous!! Lovely stitching progress and great new stash!

  19. That quilt is fabulous!! Love it! Your WIPs look great. I really like your conversion on When Witches Go Riding. I had started that last year, but your conversion makes me want to restart it. :)
    Have a great week! I look forward to seeing more of your progress.

  20. Beautiful quilt! And your stash is excellent!!! What fun

  21. Love the Table topper quilt! And your stash haul look slike lots of fun!

  22. Nicole, I think you are a master at everything you do. Wow. Color conversions, quilting, stitching, helping numbskulls with blogs. You name it, you can do it. ;) Wow. YGG! Everything looks great, as always!

  23. hi nicole the quilt is looking great so far i love the fabric you are using :) loving the progress on the alphabet too

  24. That quilt is a beauty, Nicole. I absolutely love the colors. I love the colors you chose for WGR, really pretty. Great stash haul too - that's always fun.

  25. wow, your quilt looks beautiful! I love the CHS alphabets and I have the charts somewhere - looking at yours made me want to look for them ;-) Pizza Hut is our favorite! Yum!