Friday, August 12, 2016

Episode 13

Gratitude Boxer by Lizzie Kate
40 ct. Legacy linen by Picture this Plus, Weeks Dye Works (1 over 2)
My Land by Shepherd's Bush

All Creatures Great and Small by Barbara Ana Designs

New Start
Sleeping Princess by Mirabilia (yes, I'm going to do a Mirabilia!)

Mirabilia chart from Down Sunshine Lane, linen and beads from 123 Stitch (see above)

No Knitting this time!

Flosstube Mention
Danielle - Stitcherista


  1. Great projects.
    Love the SB piece, and the Mirabiia will be gorgeous, great choice.

  2. Love your projects, Nicole. You are so inspiring. I started a project after being away from cross stitch to knit about 15 years ago. I really missed it. Where do you get your project bags. I see them on various web sites but not sure of quality. Thank you

    1. Thank you Nancy! The bags can be found at Down Sunshine Lane or 123 Stitch.

  3. I found your blog off of another blog that I read, and I am loving it! I am also doing All Creatures Great and Small; just love this piece with all the different "stories" it contains; such a fun piece. So glad you decided to do a Mirabilia - I firmly believe that we should not be held to only stitching things that "go with our house". I find that if I like a project, I will enjoy it in my home too. Happy stitching............

  4. Love your Gratitude is so cute! I bought the Barbara Ana design you have, because I saw Terri Boog's darling! On to the next podcast!

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