Monday, April 19, 2004

Playing catch up with the stitcher's five...

Stitcher's Five for the week of April 12th, 2004
Favourite Themes:
1. What is your favourite theme to stitch (i.e. primitive, fantasy, samplers, etc)
Samplers, Primitive, Shepherd's Bush (pudgie's and sheep) :)
2. Has this always been your favourite theme (i.e as your tastes change)?
No, not always. I went through a big Lavender and Lace/Mirabilia phase.
3. How many WIPs/UFOS do you have currently in this theme?
I have 3 WIPs in this theme (I think I have around 8 L&L and Mirabilia UFOs).
4. And how many finished?
In my picturetrail album I have about 90!! I didn't realize I had that many finished!!
5. Name three favourite designs in your overall favourite theme.
SB's Queen Bee Sampler, Dresser Drawer Hearts, and my current WIP Baby Bug Ball.

Stitcher's Five for the week of April 19th, 2004
Specialty stitches:
1. Do you like to use specialty stitches when you stitch?

Yes, sometimes and sometimes I prefer just plain stitching!
2. Can you do a perfect french knot?
I don't know about perfect, but I can do one! :)
3. What is your favourite stitch?
Hmmm... Long arm cross and satin.
4. Are you currently working on any projects with specialty stitches and if so which ones?
Currently I'm working on The Marriage of Minds by Drawn Thread and it has many different specialty stitches like Rose, Leviathan, Ray, Satin and Florentine.
5. Name a specialty stitch you would most love to learn how to do.
Colonial knot, I learned a long time ago, but forgot. I'd love to learn how to do it again!

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