Thursday, April 15, 2004

I finished Egg by Shepherd's Bush! :) I started this one after I finished bulb. I started this one on Easter (4/11) and finished on 4/12.

Shepherd's Bush "Egg"

I left the word "egg" off and the bird button. I wanted a more simple look. I also started a new Shepherd's Bush, Baby Bug Ball. I fell in love with this right after it came out last year and I finally got around to stitching it. It's coming along really nice.

Well, dh went back to work again today. He's made through a whole day almost, so that's good! :) I did have to go down there on his lunch and give him a shot. I'm hoping he just has one more tonight and that's it!! He's goes to the Coumadin clinic tomorrow to find out if his blood is thin enough. Hopefully for him it is! I go back to work on Saturday. I'm so glad I work at a place where I can take off when I went. I'm very thankful for that! Well, that's all for now!! Write later! :)

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