Thursday, April 08, 2004

Well, we been having a ton of fun lately! Dh went to the Dr. Tuesday and the clot had started to spread up, so they put him in the hospital to start him on blood thinners. They had to start him on injections of Lovenox, and he was mainly in there to learn how to do it himself when he got home. I'm actually the one doing it for him. He hates needles!! So I'm taking off work again to help him out. I feel guilty because working in a grocery store this is our busy time right before Easter, but right now dh comes first!! The doctor said he's free to resume regular activity. He was on complete bedrest with bathroom privilages while he was in the hospital. So he goes to another doctor on Monday and he goes to a Coumadin clinic to get his blood tested tomorrow and they'll see if they need to adjust the dosage and see how much longer he'll have to do the injections. Poor baby, I just feel so bad for him!

But I'm also grateful it's not worse. There was an older man next to him in the hospital room who was a lot worse off. I felt so bad for him. Hopefully we won't have to go into another hospital for a long time. It's just way too depressing! I did get some stitching done while I was sitting there with dh. I've been working on Shepherd's Bush Monthly Musing Bulb. I've got U and L done so far. I'll post a pic soon! :) Well, that's all for now!! Jake is yelling "Mama" from his crib! :)

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