Wednesday, May 12, 2004

My mom took the kids for a day and I was able to get a lot of stitching done!! I worked on my class project, Three Friends. I love how it's turning out. The picture on Elegant Stitch's website doesn't do it any justice! Here's my latest pic...

I've decided I'm going to try out a new rotation and see how it goes... I'm going to alternate weeks with my two big projects (TMOM and Three Friends). I will work on them Mon-Fri and then a small project on the weekend. I think this will help me feel more organized.

I also did some gardening yesterday. It's been long over due (about 2 years). We moved in a month before Jake was born, so I was pretty much busy with him for awhile and then I'll admit, it was pretty much laziness after that. I finally got motivated. I bought a couple bushes, a rose bush (my favorite minature pink roses) and some flowers. I need to get mulch and I'll be all set. It looks a little weak right now, but I'm sure once it get growing it will look pretty. Well, that's all for now!! Write soon! :)

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