Thursday, May 06, 2004

OK, back again! :) Now I get to share what I bought! I was very good and stayed within my budget. I'm trying to now keep my clicky finger from being bad also because there's so much I'd like to order that I didn't get while I was there!!! Ok, for the stash...

Elegant Stitch T-shirt
Handmade Floss holder (2nd picture down)
DT Violet Sampler
18th Century Grape R&R hand-dyed linen
New Lizzie Kates
Little by Little Designs Quaker Strawberry
Eventide pincusion pattern (meant to get needleroll)
Weeks Dye Works Threads
1/2 skien of Caron Waterlilies for the Violet Sampler
More Gloriana Luminesence for TMOM
Olde Colonial pin cushion kit (Pins and Needles) with some very cool stork scissors.
Thread Drops - trying to find picture... these things are so cool!!

Well, I think that's it! That doesn't include all the goodies Lois gave us. I'm not telling anything about those until September though. I don't want to spoil it for anyone!! :) I'm off to get a little more stitching done before I can't hold my eyes open!

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