Thursday, May 13, 2004

A small finish!

Life's a Stitch

It's Life's a Stitch by Lizzie Kate. I have always loved this design and decided to stitch it last night. It took just a few hours. Now, I think I'm going to baste my Three Friends tonight. Mindless work! LOL! I ordered the SB May Lamb, that will be my next project, I can't wait to receive it!! :) I also ordered 20 flowers scissor case by Just Nan. I think it's so pretty! I can't wait to receive that one also! I'm a little scared of the finishing work, but I'm going to try!! :) Well, not much else, I've just been so tired today!! I just had some coffee, so I'm hoping that will perk me up some. It could be all that late night stitching catching up with me too!! :)

I have been obsessed with the Lynn Turner trial. She is accused of killing her husband and boyfriend with anti-freeze. Her husband was a Cobb County police officer when he died. My husband is also a Cobb County police officer. So I just find it fascinating that if she hadn't done this, I could've possibly known her. My husband's friend was on the stand today testifing for the defense. Court TV has been showing it every day. Here's a link if anyone is interested... Lynn Turner Trial.

Well, that's all for now. I'm going to try to get some laundry done... I may need another cup of coffee!! :)

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