Tuesday, May 04, 2004

I got back from my trip late Sunday night. It was so much fun!! :) Friday we (Shelley and I) staggered in to the Welcome party. We had some good appetizers and started shopping a little. We went back to our room and crashed about 8:30-9 pm.

We woke up about 6 am got ready, had some breakfast, and stitched a little. We went down to the classroom and it was already full with stitchers! We got our class piece and got our first instuctions about where to start and we got to work! About 12:30 pm we had a yummy lunch of salads, rolls and fresh strawberries. We then went back to stitching for a couple more hours. We met two nice ladies at our table, one was from New Hampshire (Dianne) and the other (Whitney) was from Alaska! The girl from Alaska offered to drive us to the shop and the dinner party in her convertable! It was so nice to be out in the hot California sun. We went to Elegant Stitch and shopped some more. I'll write more about what I bought later! :) After that it was a quick trip to target and then back to the room to freshen up for the party. We got to the party late and the appetizers were pretty much gone. Oh well, what was left was good... shrimp and little smokies. We ate in Lois's backyard, which was so pretty. The trees were tall and the grass soft, it couldn't have been a more perfect night. We then had dinner, chicken, cous cous, carrots and a roll. And Tiramisu for dessert. It was delicious! :)

We went back to our room and I had planned on stitching a little and I got stuck in the elevator for about 10 minutes. When the door finally opened, I got out quickly to take the stairs. Only the lady in there with me stayed and got stuck again!! This time for about 30 more minutes!! The fire department was called, and her and another lady got out safely. They were sweating because it was so hot in there, but otherwise fine. I felt so bad that I didn't take them with me! After that I went down and stitched a little bit and when went to bed about 11:30 (2:30 am, our time).

We woke up early again, Shelley before me. I ate breakfast with Dianne and then we went to our classroom to stitch some more. Cynthia the designer of Drawn Thread spent quite a bit of time with us talking about her designs and other things. And she even sat down next to me to knit. :) She showed us some of her future designs and they are just gorgeous! I can't wait until they're released!! :) Well, it was a wonderful weekend, and I didn't want it to end. I definitely came back to reality with Jake waking me up at 6:00 am the next day!! I will write more soon and post a progress pic of the class piece.

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