Saturday, August 21, 2004

I went to a Baby Shower today. It was a typical baby shower, silly games, lots of oohing and awing over cute little baby clothes. Like I've mentioned in previous posts I've definitely become cynical though... because I now know they become toddlers!!! Aaaaahhhh!! Where everything is messy and the clothes are all stained and they don't listen. Along with hitting, biting, spitting... am I missing anything? I do love my boys more than anything though. They do a lot of wonderful stuff too. Like say I love you or give me a kiss out of the blue. It's just very hard to be a mom of two toddlers! :) One thing that the girl had at the shower was a litter of kittens. I fell head over heals for a sweet fluffy blue-eyed boy kitty. I seriously almost took him home. My dh wouldn't have been happy. He's not an animal lover and we've had many discussions over it. I think I may get him though. But maybe I shouldn't because Jake isn't even two yet. I know I should wait, but this kitty was so sweet. Oh man, what should I do? I'll sleep on it. That's what.

Anyway, I knitted a pink dishcloth. It was done diagonally, and turned out pretty. I just want something simple and quick to do yesterday. I'm kind of in crafty limbo. I want to stitch or knit something, I just don't know what. I'm thinking of selling some yarn I bought on eBay. Maybe to get something new that really gets me going!! :)

My mom called yesterday and said my brother wants us all to move down to Florida to open a Quiznos. I was not thrilled with the idea of someone telling me what I was to do with MY life. I love my brother and I'd love to be closer to him and my in-laws, but Quiznos?? No thanks! And I really like living in NW GA. The trees, the hills, the weather (no hurricanes). It's just so nice. I do love Florida too, but I just put Bradley in Pre-K. My dh is finally back to full-duty and loves his job. I just don't want to move again right now. Things are going well for us. My brother moved away, he should move back if he wants to be near us. But I don't think he would ever leave because of his wife and he loves being near the water. Oh well, maybe someday.... just not now.

Write more later!

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