Monday, August 23, 2004

Well, I ended up dropping my health class. I was just feeling panicked everytime I thought about it. I knew I was overextended with work, house and most of all kids and dh! I plan on taking it again in the summer or online. I feel like a weight has been lifted!!

I knitted a little today on my Big Bad Baby Blanket! :) Here's a pic...

A close up...

I love this blanket, but I don't really have anyone to give it to because it's definitely not girly, and I only know people who are having girls or who have had a girl. Oh well, I'll just keep it, maybe I'll have a grandson in 20 years? LOL! :)

Well, I've splurged and ordered some Kersti from Threadbear to do the Raglan Body-Hugger from The Purl Stitch book. I bought the book today at Michaels with my 40% off coupon. Click here to see the pattern and the yarn. I got the K118L. I also orded some Cascade 220 in color number 9451 to do Sophie, a cute little felted bag. I can't wait to get my order!! I'm selling some Rowan Summer Tweed yarn on ebay, to help pay for the new yarn! :)

I finished a sleeve last night that belongs to my funnelneck sweater. I think I'm going so slow because the color is pretty drab. Charcoal gray, but I know I'll love wearing it once it's finished. I just love to knit or stitch with bright, pretty colors! Well, not much else write more soon! :)

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