Monday, July 03, 2006

A little more Pomegranate progress...

I got a few more motifs finished. It's coming along nice I think.

Pomegranate Sampler progress as of 7/3/06

Still no Village in the mail. I'm pretty disappointed. I didn't order the hard to get linen. I ordered linen that was in stock. Maybe it's something else that's not in? Oh well, I just need to be patient (haha). I'm sure it will be here before I know it! :)

We don't know anything definite yet about dh's job. They said they would call him next week, but it seems like he'll probably get it. I told my mom not to get too excited yet because you just never know. Of course she's so excited! He's going to have to go back down one more time for another physical and drug test. The sheriff has to look over the application and approve it also. And then we'll know for sure - I hope! ;) Well, much else going on here... just hanging out with the kids!

Lilypie Expecting a baby Ticker
Only 3 more weeks until my due date - he can come a little sooner if he wants though! :)


  1. Hi - I received my chart from ABC Stitch Therapy a few days ago, but my LNS is saying the chart is in such high demand that getting it in has been tricky, at best....

  2. The sampler's looking lovely! At the rate you're stitching you might get it finished before the Village turns up - it may work out really good timing!

  3. Needlecraft Corner sold her 4 dozen very quickly and I'm waiting on a second order :) I love what you're currently working on. The colors are lovely.

  4. Your Pomegranate piece is coming along nicely. Thanks for sharing your progress. I think it's one that I'd like to stitch.


  5. This is a beautiful sampler and you are making very quick progress!