Saturday, July 15, 2006

Took a little break from VoHRH today...

I received a few of the CHS alphabet charts in the mail today (SB&B sale). So I thought I'd start on Angel.

Carriage House Samplings Angel

I decided to use one strand of thread on 36 ct. I'm still deciding if I like it. It's definitely a more muted look. Along with my order I got some GAST Bittersweet. It's different than the Bittersweet I had in my stash. The one in my stash is variegated between light and bright orange. Like the one I used in Needle...

Needle by Carriage House Samplings

And the one Karen has been using in her alphabet. Hmmm.... what should I do? Now that I look at my Needle and her WIP I think I should use two strands and try and find some variegated Bittersweet! :)

Only nine more days until my due date. Nothing is happening - just braxton hicks contractions every now and then, which mean nothing. I just don't want to be overdue! I hope something happens by next week sometime. Write more later!!


  1. Oh Nicole I wish you hadn't posted those pics! ;) I have been sorely tempted by that alphabet but have been very good & resisting the temptation but now I've seen yours & the temptation is back! I need to do an order with Elegant Stitch for something else & now I want to make my order bigger!


  2. It looks very sweet. Definitely not as bright as with two strands, but I suppose it depends what you want to do with them? My GAST Bittersweet isn't very variegated either but I think they look lovely however they are stitched :)

  3. I always stitch with one strand on 32 count as I love the muted look, also my work seems to be much neater as I don't have to worry about getting two strands to lie side by side properly.

  4. They both look lovely Nicole, congratulations

  5. Your alphabet is off to a great start. It looks lovely!

  6. You stitched that all in one day?? Oh gosh!