Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Matthew is six days old!

Boy! Time sure does fly when your having fun! I took him for his check up yesterday and the Dr. said he looks good! But he wants us to go back tomorrow because he lost 9 ounces. I think that's pretty normal though. I think he just wants to make sure he's gaining and not losing still, which I'm sure he is. Even though I got the urge to stitch I still haven't done so. Most of my time is taken up nursing Matthew. He eats a lot! I'm not complaining - I love the time we have together - it just doesn't leave much time for anything else! :) Since I have no stitching to show I'll leave you with a few pics I've taken of the baby recently...

Matthew - taking a nap - 4 days old.
4 days old.

My beautiful baby - 5 days.
5 days old.

Hanging out in his bassinet.
Taken today - 6 days old.

I don't know if I mentioned this, but dh definitely got the job in Florida, so we'll be moving in four days!! I'm trying not to get overwhelmed! Wish me luck! :) Write soon!


  1. Congratulations--he's a cutie!

  2. Awww, what a sweetheart! Congrats to DH on the new job! Good luck with the move.

  3. He's co cute-such chubby little cheeks! congrats to your hubby and good luck with the moving-don't over do!

  4. Oh my gosh - moving with a newborn!!! He sure is progressing beautifully - pretty baby :-)

  5. Best wishes for a smooth move. The baby is beautiful, he looks so alert. The pictures are wonderful.

  6. Congratulations - what a beautiful baby! You must be thrilled. Good luck with your move to FL, what a lot happening in your life right now. :)

  7. Brand-new baby and a move? Yikes! It's all I can manage to get up in the morning and get on a bus; I can't even imagine all you have to do. He's so cute and snuggly-looking. Take care.

  8. Precious! That's the only appropriate word to describe him.

    Take care and don't get too stressed - hope you get lots of help with your move.

  9. Very cute baby. I can sympathize
    on your not having sleep. I remember those days. The first
    month was the toughest, every 2
    hours. But before you know it,
    he will be one year old.. My son
    is 3 years old now so those
    sleepless nights are still fresh
    in my memory.