Thursday, July 06, 2006

The Village has arrived!

It came yesterday, but I caught a stomach bug (thanks kids) and stayed in bed pretty much all day. I didn't even open the box until late last night.

Village of Hawk Run Hollow Pattern with fabric. Village of Hawk Run Hallow Threads and Fabric...
Pattern, NPI silks, and 36 ct. Lt. Examplar linen

I also got a few more things...

Blackbird Designs Secret Garden with fabric and threads.
Fabric and Threads for Secret Garden.

36 ct. Examplar by Lakeside for CHS Alphabet
36 ct. Examplar by Lakeside for CHS Alphabet.

And from Stitcher's Closet I received my "A New Beginning" chart and threads. I have two pieces of fabric in my stash that I'm trying to decide from...

Fabric and Threads with A New Beginning pattern. 32 ct. R&R Lt. Cappuccino linen with threads and pattern.
32 ct. R&R Oatmeal or 32 ct. R&R Lt. Cappuccino?

Well, that's all for the stash for now... like I said before - I think I'm set for a pretty long time! :)

I've definitely been in the nesting mood today. I got out all the new onesies, t-shirts, blankets and sheets and put them in the wash. I then got out all the pacifiers, bottles, etc. and got them all sterlized. I still need to get some diapers and a few more things from Target, so I'm making a list. I'm definitely ready to see his little face! Only 18 more days until my due date. Can't wait! :)


  1. Congrats on all the lovely stash. Looks like tons of wonderful stitching lies ahead:)

  2. Yay!!! So excited for you... all that stash looks fabulous. Now THAT is what I call a great mail day. :) Enjoy it!

  3. Wow! So glad that VoHRH finally arrived for you...the other stash looks fantastic as well!


  4. Wonderful stash! :) I like the Oatmeal for A New Beginning...

  5. Great mail day!! I cant wait to get my BD Secret Garden.
    Happy Stitching!

  6. WOW What a great mail day. I like the darker fabric for A New Beginning.

    Hope you're feeling better today.

  7. Nic, I need to have your mailbox! LOL Wonderful stash! I had that same bug last Saturday, it took me all day to get over it too.

  8. I am so impressed! I bought VOHRH back when it first came out, and my LNS owner is a great friend and RAD'd me with the 40 ct Sand Dune (amazing, I know - she is awesome!!).... but I fear I would have to mortgage my house to buy all the NPI's for it.... so will go with the VC conversion, since I am using that for HOHRH now anyhow... best, I think, if they are similar in color, right? But, I want to finish HOHRH first, so I will kick back and enjoy your progress in the meantime :-)

  9. Oh, I vote for Oatmeal for A New Beginning too - I kitted mine up with 40 ct flax linen...