Tuesday, February 27, 2007

And maybe even something else different...

I can't make up my mind what I want to do! Now I'm thinking of a more goal oriented rotation. I know, it's silly, I wonder too how this rotation can take up so much of my time. Why don't I just stitch and get it over with?? There is so much more to worry about in this world. :)

Anyway, I'm thinking Goal because I just have to admit I'm not good at keeping track of my hours. So I think if I tell myself I'm going to stitch two houses on Game Board, finish up the sheep on My Earth, stitch the rest of the alphabet on Pomegranate, etc. that would suit me better than keeping track of my hours.

Well, I would take a picture of my earth, but my dh took it with him fishing (I guess he needs proof if he does catch any fish). I'm all done with the sheep, now I'm working on the grass and the flowers by the sheep. My goal is to finish that up and then work on Sunflower Bellpull. :) I hate to have a pictureless post, so I'll leave you with a picture of Matthew taken last Friday...

Matthew 2/23/07

You can really see his teeth in this picture! I think he's getting one on the top now. He's been gnawing on his hand and drooling like crazy! Well, write more later (when I have my camera back)!


  1. Look at that sweet face and those wonderful blue eyes! He looks like he's laughing out loud.

    Try stitching a goal oriented rotation and see how it works. I've tweaked and changed mine over the past 5 years (has it really been that long?).

  2. I think a goal oriented rotation would work well. I don't do great with time limits and forcing myself to switch a project when I am happy with what I am working on. I definitely struggle too, I am currently working through some of those issues myself :-).

    He's such a sweetie! That's such a fun age.

  3. Hey stitching is not supposed to make us feel guilty! (That's what we have parents/kids for)

    Matthew is adorable with those huge blue eyes of his and some new choppers to show off!

  4. With a cutie like that, I'd have a hard time crafting too!

  5. Matthew is so adorable.

    I've never been very good with a time rotation either. Keep trying and you'll find what works for you.

  6. I finally stitched three squares on my Game Board Samplers this weekend after neglecting it for weeks! whatever works for you - that's what you should do!