Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Confession Time...

Remember when I said please don’t let me start a new project because I knew I was just so antsy about the baby coming?? Well, I did. I couldn’t help myself. And I went out to Michael’s the night before she was born to get a piece of linen to stitch it on because all the linen I have was not right for it. I started this...

Mirabilia's The Petal Fairy
Mirabilia’s The Petal Fairy

I haven’t done a big Angel or Fairy in ages... I don’t know what drew me to this one. I guess I had seen a lot of them stitched and just thought she was pretty. So we’ll see if I can stick with it! Those darn babies.. the things they make me do (or start). Since I’m determined to finish something (even if it’s small) I stitched on my little January Flip-It today...

January Flip-It Stamp
Lizzie Kate’s January Flip-It Stamp

I also stopped by Michael’s today with my handy dandy 40% off coupon. I got a scroll rod set and got $28 off. Not too shabby!

Scroll Rod Set
E-Z Stitch Needlework Frame Set

And I got the latest Cross Stitch & Needlework because it had this really pretty sampler in it...

Sarah Pownall’s 1852 Sampler
Sarah Pownall’s 1852 Sampler

Well, I had lunch with my brother today. He said he spent a lot of time holding the baby last night. He said she would not sleep in her bassinet, and I told him I could relate! Matthew didn’t like to sleep in his either until he was about four weeks. I just talked to my SIL, she seems to be doing fine, and appreciated that I got everything ready for her. I just feel for her because I know what she's going through! Well, not much else! I didn't stitch last night - just went right to bed, I think I'll stitch tonight though! :)


  1. Petal Fairy is off to a great start. She's in my stash also. LK January Flip It looks great too.

  2. The sampler looks interesting...

    Thanks for sharing the info!

    Have a good day.

  3. Pretty start on Petal Fairy! Your Flip-It is looking great too!

  4. The Mirabilia fairies are too hard to resist! You're working on some great projects. And I can imagine how thankful your SIL was for your thoughtfulness in helping to get her home ready for the new baby.