Monday, February 19, 2007

Back on track...

I worked on my Sunday project yesterday, which is Sunflower Bellpull...

Sunflower Bellpull as of 2/18/07

I just got a couple rows of lettering done. I didn't stitch on it much because I was busy finishing my strawberry...

Finished Strawberry

It was a pretty easy finish. I think I would definitely like to make another one, except this time on a smaller count linen.

I wanted a little basket to hold some of my needlework accessories and remembered I had one in the closet. I asked my mom if she could make me a liner for it and she got right to work. I think it turned out so cute!

Basket with liner

Basket with liner my mom made

Tonight I plan on working on my Pomegranate Sampler again. I'm hoping to get another row above the numbers finished. Write more later! :)

P.S. My baby is seven months today! Where does the time go?? :)


  1. I love the sunflower bellpull, very pretty. And the strawberry is cute, and so is the basket :D

    7 months old! Babies grow up overnight. My two will be 5 & 6 in April, I swear they were babies last week. :(

  2. The sunflower bellpull and the strawberry look great. Love the fabric your mom used on the little basket.
    Seven months already? Were does the time go!!

  3. Love your Sunflower Sampler! It is looking great! I have this in my rotation...after seeing yours I pulled it and all the threads and am going to start it!

  4. Sunflower bellpull is looking gorgeous :)
    I love your strawberry finish :) Congratulations!

  5. Your Sunflower Bellpull is coming along fantastically. I love the strawberry.

  6. Love your bellpull, I so love Sunflowers.

    Your basket looks great

  7. Your bellpull and strawberry look great! Congrats on your finish ;)

  8. The Sunflower Bellpull looks great, can't wait to get mine stitched. The strawberry is so cool. Congratulations on the basket finish, looks fab.

    Is it really 7 months, he'll be walking and talking in no time.

    Take care. x

  9. the strawberry turned out great!

  10. Love your strawberry! Your mom did a great job on your basket liner too...what a great idea!